Cannot hide horizontal scroll (desktop and mobile) - help


I have a text banner on my landing page, which I would like it to be 100vw but without horizontal scrolling. I have tried several solutions (setting the element to overflow hidden, switching from vw to %, adding custom code overflow-hidden, but up until now none has worked.

The banner is at the page Home, in Section 11.

Does anyone know where the issue lies?


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horizontal scrolling because for all the sections the text is overflowing To fix this, you can either reduce the left margin of the text to prevent overflow or apply “overflow: hidden” to the all the section. This should resolve the problem. Hope this solution works for you!


No it doesn’t work. If I reduce left margin of the text banner, it’s no longer displayed throughout the screen as I would like to achieve infinite loop of the text.
If I set overflow:hidden on the section, the horizontal scrollbar is still there (static positioning).

If the section 11 has position absolute and overflow: hidden, it disappears…

I am not telling you to reduce left margin of the text banner I am taking about other text which overflowing as you can see below images

horizontal scroll coming due these text overflowing