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My site looks a bit broken on firebox

hi guys,
my site looks a bit broken in Firefox(57), but it looks fine in Safari and Chrome, I’ve played around some of the settings in the designer, and still couldn’t figure out what could possibly be causing it. Is this a firefox issue or it’s just my stupidity? Could I ask the Webflow experts to kindly take a look for me? Thanks a lot! :pray:

Here is my site Read-Only:

here is the sub domain link

here is a screenshot of the most glaring layout issue, it occurs in both tablet and desktop breakpoints. everything is squashed on the top.

it also ignored my top margin settings in the mobile and tablet version as shown here and here:

Before you start tinkering with your lovely site. Go to multiple computers and devices in your house, or to Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or the Apartment Clubhouse and view your site on all the browsers. I typically use these 3 places because it’s free. Then I ask a friend to use their home Wifi to view. This will give you a more reliable troubleshooting process.

Then return to the community with more info. I believe you’ll find a commonality somewhere and it will save time in the long run.


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the quick response, yes I did test on 7 different devices (which include iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, Samsung galaxy 8, 1 Linux laptop, 1 windows computer with 4k screen, 1 mac book pro, and 1 MacBook air. On each device I also tested multiple browsers, at multiple breakpoints.)

There are so many glitches that I can make a 100-page Powerpoint out of it, after seeing your comment, I’ve also tested on IE10, which EVERYTHING falls apart… :sweat: But, the more I look at them, the less pattern I can find though.

I’ve had 0 experience in coding, that’s the reason I’m using webflow as a platform. But everything it looks fine in the designer, that’s why I felt a bit hopeless to see so many glitches in different browsers. This is not a website that I can proudly present to anyone.

I still hope that by solving 1 problem at a time (with the help of the awesome people here) it could help me realise some mistakes that I’ve made, so I could maybe go and fix the rest of the bugs by myself.:grimacing:

More insights for the community:
I find that layouts look most problematic on mobile horizontal views and with Firefox browser (without considering IE).
The “service”section always stick to the top, “Testimonial”section always squeezed with the contact section. and the “projects” section, thumbnails tend to become tiny strips in firefox, samsung native browser, and IE.

Hope that helps.

Okay, if this is real important give me a few minutes to comb around your site, to do a thorough inspection for ya. After that, I’ll shoot over my cell phone and you can call me if it’s complicated. If it’s simple, I’ll send an email to your profile with steps to correct. Give me a bit.

Post the published link as well. I’ll grab my other devices.

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Thank you so much Gary! My published site URL is if that’s what you’re asking :smile:

Okay, don’t get upset with just yet… I’m gonna ask ya to make a concession for just a minute. If you want to get to the bottom of this, I can help but I’ll need to work in your site. I see what the problem is. There are too many styles. However, I can’t change anything since it’s read-only. I’ll need you to message my profile and we can do a screenshare… or another choice send me the login and I’ll adjust it and record it for ya.

What are your thoughts?

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