My SEO information on google doesn´t show up

Hi Webflow community,
i built a new Website for my customer. He wanted to keep his old web address, so i changed the AAAA Record and everything to move the server.

Now the current SEO information, what i set in my Webflow settings, doesn´t show up on the google search. It has the appearence of the old website. Why is it like this? And how can i fix that?
I want my settings what i have in Webflow, for the new page i built.

Thanks for help!

This is my link -

This is my settings for the SEO.

This is how it actually looks…

Thank You!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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If you haven’t, you need to setup Google Search console for the site and give it the new sitemap. It can take Google a long time to re-index.

Thank you! That helps

Also of note… Google will dynamically change your Meta Description, sometimes… You can’t control if they do or do not. If the algorithm thinks that a random sentence from the page matches the Searcher’s Intent better, it will show that instead of your “optimized” Meta Description.

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