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My Portfolio Website, Almost Done. Need some feedback

Besides on Page SEO, trying to nail down a tag line, and a lot more writing for case studies / replacing blog filler content, and compressing images I am almost done with my website for SVZ Design

What do you think?
I started a while ago from a template actually, I really liked the shapes and took influence from that.

Template created by @jaidenleach

What are your thoughts on this? Is this effective? Do you hate it? Have an idea for my Hero Header Text? Do you love it? Why? Am I way off base with design or pitch?

I’m still focusing my content. Please let me know what you guys think, it would be much appreciated!


  • Scott

great job! One thing i noticed though is your eyball icon bounces:


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Only saw it on my mobile atm and it looks very nice (I guess you know you still have a few things to fix in order to make it responsive). Great job @Scott_Van_Zandt !

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How long did it take you to design your site and what tool from webflow did you use ?

Ooo no one likes bouncing eye balls.

Gathering info for case studies and stuff has been the biggest struggle for me.
I started with a template, stripped it away mostly and then built it back up.
I used Webflow + the CMS.

UGH, I can’t fix these bouncing eye balls haha could you help?

First of all, yuo must tell us, how you did this mouse interaction on the contact title images (and the super hero images) :grinning:

Great job!

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I first learned about Particles.Js in this Mini-Tutorial above :slight_smile:
I customized the Particles.JS script I found and added a blank profile image as the contact point for the linked lines.
The effect that pulls them forward is called bubble and is activated on hover.

I can help you with a screencast video if you get stuck, PM me :slight_smile:

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I added a .JS preloader + I added a creative touch to the homepage. Trying to get the right copy for it… any ideas?

Hey Scott,

I like the site generally and can see a lot of work has gone into it, nice one! It’s good to see your working on the copy as I think this needs more work, the rest of the site is on point.

In terms of the copy, I would massively simplify it. With the opening copy on the landing page for example I would focus on the core services you provide and make them as clear as possible. Look at some other agency sites (e.g. ustwo and how they use standard, plain English to communicate what they do in a few words. I always think it’s good to send copy to your Mum or Grandma - if they don’t understand it then there are too many buzzwords! It may not feel clever and it may not be that original, but it will tell people what they need to know :smiley:

Hope that helps and good job on the site! :webflow_heart:

Thanks for linking, Scott! Great job btw, very nice page.

However, you could consider editting images in Blog article links - you are using url(“”), which is actually 2.9MiB file! :wink:


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Thanks for the feedback Jarda! I’ll be working on SEO/Optimizing anything I can more so this week.

I finally revised the copy to a point where I was happy with it… going to keep tweaking but I launched the site! Let me know if you see anything I should work on!

Here is my agency site: