Deleted page forwarding

Hi, I had a new design for an existing page that I was sharing with a client (/events-test). On approval, I then renamed and later deleted the previous page (/events-old), and updated the name of the new page to /events, assuming it would all link up.

However the link /events seems to be forwarding to the /events-old page url, and then showing my 404 error state.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hey @danielchehade and welcome to the community :wave:

You’ll want to create a 301 redirect within the Site Settings. The Webflow University has a short lesson on adding those which you can check out below:

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You might share your read-only project link and a published site URL as well.
If /events is taking you there, it’s a redirect issue. If you’re clicking a menu item, it may be rewired now since you’ve moved pages and disabled one.

In Webflow, page links track pages, not urls, so moving a page changes that link.

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Thanks for your help – problem solved!