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My first non template website

Thank you Webflow and the community. I think doing this through code would have taken me a full year of full-time work.

It has more than 1200 CMS items, hundreds of CMS pages, 12 CMS collections with hundreds of references to each other, which I used Parabola to transfer from Airtable.

I designed everything myself from scratch with Figma and built it up step by step on Webflow from zero. The site as it stands has a lot of client input that I don’t necessarily agree with but in general, I’m very happy with the results.

Would love to hear your feedback!

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Thanks for being brave enough to put your work out there.
I am actually quite impressed.
Its only when I put my own personal designer hat on that I start to find little things I would do different.
I am quite interested how you got the sounds to play if its not coded. But I would remove almost all of them or change the menu to be a warmer sound, its too harsh. The hover sound on the grid might be better if it was like a shutter sound. Also make the images initially red and colour on hover.
Pricing, i like the style but feel something isn’t quite right.
The red blobs feel like bullet points and should be on the left. Maybe add a red circle in from of heading, and then for the price use same font/size but lower the weight or add some transparency.

Exactly my points as well!

I never liked the sounds but they are chosen by the client and implemented with code.
The hover effect on cards is also the client’s choice.

I understand your input on the pricing! Will implement!

Thanks for taking the time @iDATUS

It is the clients website in the end, if you want to use it for portfolio etc, duplicate it, remove sensitive stuff and apply the styling you would have used.
If you want anymore advice please feel free to ask.