My Collection/CMS Sliders have empty last slides

Pretty simple—I have a site with Collection-driven gallery sliders (8 images possible) and each slide has a condition to not be shown unless an image is assigned in the collection. But if there are less than 8 slides, a blank black slide appears as the last (extra) slide.

I am aware of this thread: My CMS Sliders have empty last slides. But I am unclear on how to implement the solution. I can’t get it to redraw the slider with the script.

This seems like it could be a very common issue.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hi @brdhll

Thanks for posting! This is a known issue with the Slider component when trying to make it dynamic. Unfortunately, the Slider isn’t fully dynamic natively yet, meaning it doesn’t play very well with the CMS at this time.

We hope to make it easier in the future to create a dynamic slider, but until a component is built out or updated for this, you may need to find an alternative route. I recommend building a custom dynamic slider - here’s a great example:

I hope this helps!

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