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Slider Showing Blank slides at end


I have created a slider in a collection with a standard six slides. The issue I’m having is that some pages have 5 images in the slide, and the others have 6. When there are only 5 images in a slider I want to delete the last slide so it does not show up blank. Anyone have any ideas?



@bart Hi! I’m having exatly the same problem here. I’m getting the pictures of a CMS. And I manage to avoing showing 4 blanks but there always a last stubborn with slide at the end. How could I get rid of it?

It happens in every project details on works.

Add live URL (By custom code thier is option to remove empty divs).


@bart @Siton_Systems the problem is in the math CSS code of the slider “transform: translateX(-1737.89px); opacity: 1; transition: transform 500ms ease 0s;” it’s a bug of @WebflowMasterclass

As if we remove the invisible element the problem persist.

document.getElementsByClassName(“slide w-condition-invisible w-slide”)[0].parentNode.removeChild( document.getElementsByClassName(“slide w-condition-invisible w-slide”)[0] )

Hi every one, @studiopowell solved it.

before body tag

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Thank you for posting this @Pablo_Ledo. I entered this code before the body tag and added the conditions for visibility on the slides themselves. I am doing something wrong? It still isn’t working. It is still showing a grey / blank slide at the last slide.
Here is my preview link.

Please help, thank you!

I tried this but cannot get it to work. Do you have an example of the implementation?

This doesn’t work for me either - is there an update??