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Multiple versions of video

Hi There

I understand you need to load multiple file formats for video.

But how do you load that in the designer? Is there custom code or anything like that?

I’ve used the Background Video widget.

I’m assuming you mean MP4, OGV and WEBM with the different formats to optimize for different devices?

Webflow automaticly creates a banner on Phone devices so that it won’t have to load a big video when not connected to Wifi.

There is no option for uploading multiple file formats at the moment. I actually don’t think this is needed since Webflow already transcodes it to be smaller & completely disables the video on mobile.

Hope i cleared things up :slightly_smiling:

Thanks @DharmaNode i guess i was just concerned about cross browser compatibility on different devices. But if the Background Video Widget takes care of that then thats cool, thanks.

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