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Background video not showing on exported site

Is the background video dependent on the project being active on your dashboard? Like forms?

Yes, as long as you have the project in your Webflow account the video should be working. Did you remove the project from your dashboard?

Yes I’ve deleted the project. Anything I can do to the code to load the video from local files?

Such an annoying part of webflow. The service is too good already, they don’t have to try and leash their customers from using something else.

I can understand forms because of spam filters, but videos too?

I’m not sure if what I said before is 100% right.

You could go to the code and press ctrl f and type in data-video-urls and change the link / directory behind that to the right link / directory.

It’s not that your video won’t work if the project is removed from webflow, you can always modify the code.

Thanks Dharma,

Not sure why they do this though. Webflow is already too good. Users won’t suddenly leave Webflow after they build what they need. We use it to build sites, not to host content. :stuck_out_tongue:

At first I thought exported sites with a video background get exported with a link to the webflow hosted video. In my case there was no link but it pointed to a directory.

So my first answer was wrong. Exported videos link to a local directory, not to a webflow hosted link.

Apologies for the confusion :slightly_smiling:

If they host to a local directory, then why does the background video turn to grey if I remove the project from my dashboard?

I wouldn’t know, but I don’t think this is a problem on Webflow’s end.
You could try hosting the video on dropbox and then changing the share link of that video from:

and then pasting that link in to the field behind data-video-urls:

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HI @DharmaNode and @TriceWD, at the moment, there is an issue that affects to the background videos on export.

If there is a space in the file name in the original background video that is uploaded, when the site is exported, the video will point to the CDN that is used with the site hosted in Webflow. If the site is deleted from the dashboard, the video will stop working on the exported site.

The workaround for this is to re-upload the background videos, with no spaces in the file name, which will result in the expected behavior that @DharmaNode observed earlier. After changing out the background videos, then republish/export the site to have those BG videos point to the export directory.

Once I have more info on this bug, I will provide an update.