Multiple RSS feeds for same Collection page

Hey there!

I have this News page for a client which spits out an RSS feed.
However, some of the news items are in English, some are in Indonesian.
The RSS feed now obviously shows both results combined, but that’s not really what I need, since they should be separated.

I haven’t figures out a way to do this, any ideas?

All of this might change in the next week or two when Webflow releases localization. I’m not sure how they are localizing RSS in the new platform, but it’s likely a problem they’ll need to solve.

Given that, the best approach is to wait and see what they deliver and use it if it works for you.

Failing that, you do have some options. There are 3rd party RSS services that can take an RSS feed and parse, separate, combine, them into new feeds. Some automation platforms like Zapier also offer the ability to create feeds from whatever data you want, so if you mark your posts by language, you could capture a publish event, and then add it to the appropriate Zapier RSS feed.

I’ve found limitations with every RSS option I’ve tried, some are geared heavily towards podcasts, others towards blogs, so check the tags they support and make sure to test it early with the tools that will be consuming it.

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Hey Michael, thanks a bunch for your clear answer, I’ll do some investigating and see what best fits the client’s needs. Cheers!