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Multiple Product Pages

There’s a myth going around in the forum that Webflow only allows for 1 product type template.

In that case, if you’d like to sell two different types of products ( not just variants of a product ) you’d have to put all the product variables of all products into the Product Info in Webflow E-Commerce. So let’s say you’re selling watermelons and socks - The attributes of both product A) Watermelon :watermelon: : Weight, roundness, tastiness and B) the socks: :socks: Size, color, pattern would have to be inserted.

To make it even messier, the product page template itself is also limited to one, meaning a sack of conditional if-statements are needed to make it look more or less normal.

as @gdewey said ‘I was all happy designing my fist website in webflow until I found out that the most flexible online visual designer I have ever use has only one template for product page.’

As far as I understand, this is the only solution to selling multiple products. Are there other ways?

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This thread solved it for me. You have to use conditionally formatting, which is in the Element Settings. Can you build separate product pages?

Conditional Visibility is the way to go -

Not the most glorious solution, but that will do it for now.