Multiple pop-up forms on 1 page

Hi everybody,

I have one web page in our site for eBooks, with one form at the bottom of the page where the visitor needs to select which eBook he would like to receive in his mail box. I would like to switch however to a popup per eBook, so I can integrate easily every form in Lemlist via Zapier.

I have found online how to insert a pop-up form to a page (Build a pop-up with fixed positioning | Webflow University), but is it possible to insert more than one pop-up form on 1 page? - see attached image.

Thanks for your suggested approach!
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Watch this video completely and you will find the solution into it. For multiple popup in the same page make sure to give your buttons the same class and after watching the video you will be able to create multiple popup in a single page.

We can make any type of popup in Webflow with the help of interactions. watch this video in which it is totally explained like Ho to create a webflow popup modal on button click in just simple 3 steps.

How to Create custom Webflow popup modal on click