Modal pop issues

Hello there!
I need some help with my pop-ups. I inherited a project where I need to embed some custom forms. I’ve never worked with webflow before with help of the internet I embedded all forms but on some pages my pop-up doesn’t work.
The interesting part that I use the same component(BOOK SESSION) on all pages and the same button(Book strategy session) to trigger pop up, with the same interaction(book free session pop up).
The result is weird: it works almost everywhere there are 5 pages where it doesn’t work on published site. At the same time, it works if I open one of these 5 pages and click “Play” in the “book free session pop up” action setting.
Click on “Book strategy session” on the top right:
Tardus Wealth Strategies | Meet the Team pop-up should work here
Tardus Wealth Strategies | The Income Snowball but on this page it shows semi-transparent layout but not the form.

our-team page read-only project
coaching page read-only project

I’m at the point where I just don’t know what else to try, so, I’ll be thankful for any hits!

Hey there.
When I look with inspect, and I change the opacity setting from ‘0’ to ‘1’ the pop-up is shown.
So, maybe something in the settings is not correct?

Your home page is missing the BOOK SESSION component.
Click on the top Body element, then ctrl+shift+a, then click your book session element, it will add it as the very last element under body.

@HGWeb is probably right regarding your Coaching page; I’d guess that perhaps your topmost form is conflicting, and that you should possibly remove insider hero, which isn’t appearing on your site.

thank you, good catch! I didn’t find what CSS set this opacity, but as a workaround I set opacity with !important and it worked.

thank you, I missed that