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Multiple passwords for a password protected page?

I currently have a password protected page for our affiliate assets (imagery, etc.).

Is there a way to allow MULTIPLE valid passwords for entry into this page?

Having only 1 password, and giving that password to multiple affiliates, does not allow us to ‘turn off’ specific affiliates from having access.

please advise,


Hey @djgruber

I think the answer is no for now, but you I think can use something like

Maybe @DuncanHamra can join

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thanks for your reply!

yes, I did see that… but they have a ‘fee’. And t his is not necessarily a site that we would charge money, but allow our affiliates access to content.

was hoping for a code/widget based (free/simple) solution. :slight_smile:



I think there’s some firebase integrations you can check. Search google firebase webflow

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ok thank you,l I will check into that!

Thanks @PiterDimitrov and nice to meet you @djgruber!

Good news! The % fee only applies to transactions made through MemberStack. I believe our $25/mo plan will work perfectly for you, and you won’t ever need to worry about the % fee.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to reach out :smiley:


thanks for the quick reply.

We will explore this as an option for us!

have a great day,

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Would there be a simple way to set up and accept multiple passwords with some custom code?

Having multiple passwords would be helpful for instances when we want to set up a new password, but still want the old one to work for some time.



Yup - would love this as well. We are creating a video for teachers, that students can access with a uniquely generated password. (This password will link the teacher to the usage too)

Memberstack and others require the user to log in, though I want the teacher to login, the student should just access one page. However, I cannot provide them all the same code, because otherwise no-body would pay for it.

in short: Can I create multiple passwords for the same site, and manage the passwords in a database like airtable?