Multiple non-accessible versions of a site I requested duplicated

Last night, in an attempt to get back to an original, purchased template without destroying all the work I had done, I requested a duplicate of my existing site. This morning, I went to my dashboard, and there were 15 copies of the site, and none of them were accessible. I immediately sent an urgent message to Webflow support, and I have still to hear from them. Is this the level of support I should expect these days?



  1. Check if there are any community forums or online resources where other Webflow users might have encountered similar issues. Sometimes, community members can offer helpful advice or workarounds.
  2. Double-check your account settings and permissions to ensure that there are no issues on your end preventing access to the duplicated sites.
  3. If you haven’t already, try reaching out to Webflow support again. Sometimes, support teams can get inundated with requests, so a gentle reminder might prompt a quicker response.
  4. In the worst-case scenario, if you’re unable to get a timely resolution from Webflow support, you might need to consider alternative options for restoring your website, such as reverting to a backup if you have one available.

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I have reached back out twice, now, with zero response aside from a generic boilerplate reply. VER frustrating!