Webflow unable to help or reply due to COVID 19?

Hi Webflow,

I need some advice from the community and hoping someone might be able to offer some advice.

I have recently moved to Webflow and am paying for the most expensive package, which states offers a response within 24 hours.

After having massive issues with my site a month ago i was unable to access it, Webflow copied over a previous backup, and all was good. Last week deleted i accidentally deleted my home page, and upon attempting to resort, a backup was unable to.

On Friday morning, I emailed webflow and didn’t receive a response until Tuesday evening to which the reply was saying they are unable to help until a future date due to COVID 19?

After more replied, I still have not received any help from webflow and am stuck with a website with no home page, ruining my reputation.

Has anyone got any ideas what I can do to receive any help?


You can copy and paste things from a previewed backup.

Select a backup that has you homepage, click on preview, and then you can copy and paste elements of your homepage back into the active copy?

I don’t know why you don’t get help faster from support or why a full restore from a backup doesn’t work, but this technique can help in the meantime maybe.

Hi Vincent

Thanks for the reply.

Unable to even preview backups. So copy and paste is not an option unfortunately.

Yeah me neither. Really frustrating the lack of support which I am paying for.

If I try and preview i have this error:

Failed to restore site due to concurrency issue. Please try again in a few seconds.

I have tried to refresh for hours but no luck.

Have you tried in a different browser? Maybe some extensions or cookies are at fault.

You can download Chrome Canary for example.

Hi @Grant1, thanks for your reply, and apologies for the delayed response, our response times are longer during the unprecedented covid19 situation.

I can see that our team has replied regarding the issue with the restore and are in contact through our support desk, since the issue involves private site data, may we continue in the normal support channel?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply.

For over 8 days, webflow has not offered me any support apart from stating “You have no estimated time scale on when you will be able to help me.” You have allowed my site online with issues everywhere, ruining my companies reputation. All I asked was for you to help me with a backup.

I don’t pay Webflow top dollar for excuses, unfortunately. If you are short-staffed even though you are working from home, then hire more staff. And blaming COVID is not an excuse.

Webflow earns an estimated 20 million profit a year, I believe, and you still don’t even have an online chat or phone support. But it is due to COVID, right?

I have answered all your questions, been asking for help every day, sending at least two emails, and you ask me to contact you through customer support.

I would if you replied or offered any support.

As stated in emailed previously, My site is online and has a reputation to uphold. My website has issues not pulling from backups on my end. While you sort this issue, please can you copy an older project on my dashboard, allowing me to copy and paste the pages needed for a quick fix.