My site is missing is dashboard

My site has disappeared from my dashboard. I started my account under my orginal email but the domain was having isssues and would not recieve emails. I switch the account to my task allot email which was working fine for weeks of designing and publishing. After coming back from seven day vaction. My website can not be found nor the template I brought to build the site in my dashboard I looked under new email and old it shows nothing. I published the site so there is record of it, however I can’t get into it to continue building it. I contacted customer service but it takes forever for them to get back to me. Yet webflow is charging me. My time is limited on this is there anyone who can help me?

Hey Lacy, did you get any support on the following I think I am going through a similar issue, I switched account as in I logged out, when I logged back in all my sites are gone the domain is still active, please resolve this issue for me

Make sure you’re in the correct account and workspace if you switched them.