Multiple member specific pages with Memberstack + Airtable


I am creating a pretty complex membership site using memberstack (through zapier and airtable). The issue I am currently facing is that I want multiple member specific pages, and I am not sure how to navigate this.
For reference - I have a members collection with data like name, email etc etc, this is all connected to memberstack and airtable. The members collection page is all good, currently using it as the member dashboard. The problem - I want more member specific pages, like a profile page (where they can update information). I also am going to implement the functionality to “like” blogs/podcasts/recipes (other cms collection items) - which I have figured out how to do. Using multi reference field in the membership collection - but how can I access this data from another page that is not the member cms page? I hope this all makes sense - thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Dr Cheryl

PS. Still in development, so not finished, but hopefully, you get where it’s going

Hi @studiosance :wave: welcome to the forum.

I’ve got a bunch of tutorials that do a deep dive into Webflow + Memberstack that you may like.

Here’s a couple of screencasts on member specific pages:

That’s generally straightforward. Here is a screencast that walks through using Webflow + Memberstack to create a course site with a lesson “complete” feature. The exact same thing as a “like” feature:

Here’s the demo site built with it (checkout the feature you’re after). Click the enroll now button, fill out a fake email address and give it a test drive:

Another good resource is Jetboost and their plug-n-play features, here’s the “like” feature you’re after: CMS Item Favoriting for Webflow | Jetboost

That’s the purpose of (multi)reference fields. Accessing data from other CMS Collections.

If you haven’t already, I’d give these two Webflow University lessons a review:

Then move over to:

…and then play around with them a little bit. Try to associate 2 different collections and display the data.

It does, and you’re on the right path. You have a bit of learnings to do, but it’s not bad once you get the hang of it.

Memberstack is really powerful when combined with Webflow.

Leaning on Zapier is a good approach, though I’d recommend exploring Make (Integromat) if you aren’t too invested into Zapier already. Much more powerful for a more reasonable price.

The key is combining Webflow + Make (Integromat) + Memberstack all together as your “stack”.

It allows you to control things like the…

  • Webflow CMS based upon actions your user takes
  • Airtable
  • Email
  • …and any 3rd party services that add’s more features to your site.

It gives you the power to start doing fun things like:

You get the idea…

Keep going, you’re on the right path!

Oh wow - you are such a savior! I didn’t know you could do that with memberstack API, so that is great! :smiley: thank you soooo much for all of this info!

I may come back with further questions, but your videos look great and easy to follow so far :slight_smile:


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