Multiple locales in one country

Hi all,

Our agency is super excited with the new localization features coming end of November.

We’re based in Switzerland where there are 3 languages (fr-ch, de-ch, it-ch) and I was wondering how it works to serve multiple locales in a single country?

Are they considered different locales we would need to buy? I would suppose so, but I prefer asking :slight_smile:



Hey Sacha

Greetings from Switzerland! :v:

I cannot give a safe answer here, but if I see it correctly, every Language acts like an individual locale.

What is bothering me though is that for people in Switzerland it will be very, very expensive to deliver a website in 3 languages.
If we want a website with CMS and with custom images per language (which most websites will need), it will cost $81.- per month!

  • $23 – CMS plan
  • $29 x2 – additional locales

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Holy schmoly :open_mouth: It will cost 29 dollars PER locale on top?! That’s a real showstopper unfortunately :cry:

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Possibly the “essential” plan will work, if you do not need to localize the URLs or assets.
Automatic visitor routing is something you can fairly easily add using script.

Thanks guys!

@Schuschi_Eyes yes so it it will definitely be 3 locales for Switzerland :thinking: Is the first screenshot you shared from the Enterprise plan?

@ Henrik_Skoglund yes on top, but it’s not just translation so it englobes a lot of features that are quite valuable :slight_smile:

@memetican yes indeed, as per the custom visibility I think.


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Hey @Sacha

Not sure which plan is activated in this screenshot.
I took the screenshot from Webflow’s website: Website translation and localization | Webflow

Thats true. But if you just need a simple translation it is still very expensive.
I hope that the community will react to this so that they change the pricing on that.
Its just weird that a simple “Add on” to the website costs more ($29 per language) than the hosting itself ($23 for CMS)…