Localization Bug?

Hi everyone, I was looking forward to the implementation of the localization feature and was now about to buy a plan for two “locales” when I read the small print details right before the payment.
While the subscription is said to cost 12 USD /month, it says in the fine print that I will be charged over 40USD / month. Is this a mistake? Does anyone have experiences of something similar?

Sounds like the combined hosting plan + localization fees?

I am under the free workspace plan and the 18 USD site plan. So with the localization it should cost 30 USD not 42 USD. What I am I not seeing? My monthly bill right now is 18USD a month… Booking the Localization essential for 12 USD month should bring it to 30USD and I should have 3 “locales” according to that text ?! I am confused

Ah Essential’s “Up to 3” means you can use that plan for up to 3 locales. If your site has 4 locales, you have to switched to Advanced.

You must have +2 locales in use, and be paying monthly, so;

$18/mo site plan
$12/mo locale 1
$12/mo locale 2

$42/mo total

The pricing does say clearly at the top, but I found it confusing as well.