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Multiple Interactions on Single trigger


I am trying to build a dashboard for my seller portal in webflow. I have successfully create sidebar menu and submenu, but now stuck with some functionality.


Now I want set display: two interactions on same trigger.
For example: I have 3 divs here corresponding to each submenu item - products, management, analytics. Initial state of all content divs for submenu items is display: none
If i click on products, div block will be set as display: block, then if I click on management, div block of management content will be set as display: block. At this time I want to set display of previous content div of products as display: none.
At a time only one content div should be display, rest two should be display: none.
Can anyone guid me on this.
I know the problem description is little confusing, but will be clear once u visit the website.

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