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Multiple Click/Show Triggers on Same Page?

Hey Webflow Community,

First time posting on here. Would appreciate some help on something. Currently building a website for a client and we’re in the final stages. Only thing I’m having trouble with is I’m trying to add this feature on their food menu page where you can “create your meal.” Basically there’s a row with three different options (a bowl, a platter, or a sandwich) and clicking on each of those images will trigger a dropdown where all the sides/toppings options for that specific item show. This is my first site with Webflow, and I’m having trouble figuring this out. I’ve attached some images showing a sample of the feature we had in mind. Thanks!


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Hi Mohammed, did you work out how to do this? I’m struggling with a similar thing… essentially having nesting accordions. I can get them to open, but the ‘close’ trigger shuts down everything at once when I want it to be stepped.