Multiple forms on one website (domain)

Hi guys,

We have no idea how we can put two separate forms under ONE website. Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Have a form for Score Digital | Contact form (currently have and it works)
  2. Have a SEPARATE form for (where under the landing I would like to have a landing page that is already designed with a form that will trigger execution of email sequence).

We just cannot find anywhere a decent guideline how we can publish two separate forms that will be connected to the same website yet would have different fields and different “instances”.

I will greatly appreciate any help in that regard.


Hey @Olaf155 there are multiple ways to do this.

  1. add a new form block to the landing page from the Add Panel
  2. copy and paste the form from the contact form
  3. then name the new form in the element settings and adjust the fields as desired

Here are some resources to help in more detail.