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Multiple Domain Names and Google Verification

Google’s Search Console requires a separate entry for every domain name and domain-name version, for example,


The @ and WWW versions use the same Google Verification ID, so for the first domain name, I can use the SEO tab to enter that. However it only allows a single entry, and some of my clients have 40 or more domain names for one site [don’t ask]. Is the only way to add #2+ to paste the META tag into the HEAD directly?

Not at the moment. The workaround is to verify one at a time.

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Thanks Samilew- a few thoughts on this;

  • As I understand it, Google re-verifies sites regularly, to verify that the same site is at the same domain, so verifying one-at a time will probably ultimately break when Google re-attempts this.

  • A safer workaround, the one I used, might be to use the Custom Code HEAD and paste the full verification META tags. It’s not as pretty for designers, but it works well.

  • I’m re-evaluating the merits of multiple domain names now, if there’s no longer any SEO benefit, we may abandon verification for multiple domains altogether, in which case verifying only a single Search Console domain is “best practice”.

If multiple domains still have significant SEO, I’ll add support for multiple domain verification to the Wishlist.