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Google search console and Webflow. Some questions

Verification codes
A site has often more than one domain. When I’m adding the domain to Google Search console, I get a verification code that I paste in to the Google Site Verification field i Site settings. The problem is that when adding more than one domain (leading to the same Webflow site) I get different verification codes for each domain. Since Webflow can only hold one verification code, I’m not able to verify the other domains. Is this correct, or do I miss something here?

Setting default domain
In Webflow you have the option to set one domain as the default domain. Is it best to set the default domain in Webflow or in Google search console?

EDIT: When a default domain is not set in Webflow, the sitemap is generated with last added domain. In my case not the domain I want, so setting default domain in GoogleSearchConsole is not an option then!

EDIT2: Seems like SEO best practice is to only have one domain pr site in GoogleSearchConsole.


Duplicate of Multiple Domain Names and Google Verification and Sitemap.xml is not domain-specific (so Google errors on it)?

TL:DR; it is recommended to have only a primary domain.

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