Same site in x2 different Search Consoles

Quick SEO question. I have a client who wants to manage their site I built for them through Google Search Console themselves. With the greatest of respect I’m not convinced they know what they’re doing and I’m getting a lot of emails from them reporting SEO errors etc. They’ve made a bit of a mess of it and the issue is I’m not allowed access to Search Console to dive in a start sorting things.

So the question is, am I able to add the site to MY Google Search Console as well and manage it from there - can x2 Search Consoles under different accounts both run independently although they’re managing the same site?

You can have multiple verified owners, but they will see you are also verified so that might get interesting. That’s a crap deal anyway. Tell them to add you as user temporarily so you can do your job. If not :parachute:out of there. ( I am adding that to my terms right now)

We lost our site owner!

If the verified owner of your site leaves, or you’re not sure who the verified owner is, verify another site owner. The new owner will be able to see the list of all owners and users verified to that site, as well as the verification methods for each owner. You can then optionally unverify previous owners by removing their verification token (for example, removing the HTML tag from the site, for HTML-tag-verified owners). See Add or remove owners for more information.

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Many thanks HammerOz, I’ll give it a go then! I’ll also have a read through your link, thank you.

Yes, its a pain in the a$$ !

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