Multiple collections in one dynamic list


I’ve seen a couple of other closed topics on this issue, but they haven’t come up with an answer (or one that I can understand!). So I hope you can help.

I have two separate collections, which have their own collection pages. Both collections produce a report but are set up differently. On a new page, I would like to set up one dynamic list that draws in the reports from both collections.

How do I do this?

Thank you.

Does anyone have any ideas? @PixelGeek @vincent

One dynamic list = one collection. So as you describe it, it’s not possible.

However there are many ways to reach a goal.

You could have had only one report collection, and a category collection, and have the unique report template to behave differently considering the category of the report. Have different element showing up or not, using conditional visibility.

That’s a good idea Vincent.
The only problem is for me at the moment is that on one of my collections I’ve reached the limit of 30 fields, so to accommodate the other collection fields is going to be tough!
Thanks anyway.

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I understand. you can still use several dynamic lists one under each other.

You know I have exactly the same problem as you have. And I use the solution I was describing before. But it’s not the way to do. It’s better to seperate what’s different. Because the template of one “multi” collection are hard to maintain.

I even thought of having a master colelction where I would create one item per item on the other collections, and reference every post in it… but it’s stupid, it makes things complicated.


Now moved to wish list - the ability to draw specific information from within two or more collections into one dynamic list…

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