CMS Collection Pages has Collections List that stay the same across every category

I have a CMS Collection page that has a CMS list inside, within this list I connected another CMS FAQ section via a Multi Reference field, I have all the same questions for each of my services, but different answers, I try selecting the set of answers depending on the category of the service, and at first it worked, but I had to edit some of the answers and now when I select the “Connect to Data” it changes to the same answer option, on all of the pages?!

A multiref doesn’t really work here. This would be a better approach;

Create 3 separate collections-

  • MYCOLLECTION - whatever your main collection is here, that is showing the FAQ section
    • no ref / multi-ref fields needed
  • FAQs - the set of all questions, across all pages, each question only needs to be listed once
    • no ref / multi-ref fields needed
  • FAQ-ANSWERs - the set of all answers
    • single-ref to MYCOLLECTION
    • single-ref to FAQs

On your MYCOLLECTION collection page, you’d create your collection list for FAQs, then;

  • bind your collection list to FAQ-ANSWERs
  • filter it to MyCollection = current collection
  • bind the answer directly from faq-answers
  • bind the question to FAQs → Question, in your binding list

I refer to this pattern as a cross-reference or “xref” pattern and it’s very useful in the CMS due to several limitation the CMS has. With this approach-

  • There is no duplicate data anywhere
  • It’s easy to list the answers relevant to an item, with a filter setting ( answer mycollection = current mycollection )
  • it’s easy to get the FAQ question since its one single-ref hop
  • It’s easy to sort by question if you want, by adding a numeric field to FAQs and sorting on it

Also when I try to connect the question from the ref, I’m only allowed to get my information from my FAQ Answer list?

You get it from the question that answer is single-ref linked to.

I’ll add though, you seem confused about how to set this up- there’s a good chance it’s more complex than you need. Why not just have e.g. your Products collection, and then a single FAQs collection which contains both the question and the answer for each relevant FAQ?

The only real reason to split the questions out is if you also need a view where you pick a question, and see all of the possible answers for all of the Products.