Multilingual pages with the same and different content

Hi everyone,

I need some guidance/recommendations for the best multilingual solution. I hope you can help me.

I have to make a page (onepager/landingpage) in six different languages. Every language has slightly different content/data from the other.

Besides that every page should contain an option to view the page in English and not the native language.

I am unsure what the best solution is.

Is it to create the pages with six different languages (and slightly different content/data). And after that duplicate the pages and translate them manually within Webflow?

Or should I use a translate-integration such as Weglot? Or something else?

And what SEO-issues will I run in to?

Do you have any recommendations?

Short answer: keep clear of Webflow hosted CMS for multilingual websites. It’s not designed for it.

Keep clear of Weglot too, if SEO matters to you.

If you are still convinced that Webflow suits your needs, then I would advise creating a subfolder for each locale, since you are designing a onepage website. Then duplicate every page, modify it and make sure to add the correct hreflangs.

If you are using CMS templates, then of course this will not work.