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Multilanguage CMS (french/francais)

Please modify your software to have a TRUE multilanguage website and CMS. Please provide FRENCH admin interface for the CMS. My client dont understand english form…


I have the same change request, my customers are all french-speaking and would not appreciate a CMS user interface in English. Thanks in advance!

Maybe we need something like an API for community volunteered localisation or something like that… Crowdsourced localisation platforms are already widely available, aren’t they? I guess it might not be that difficult to implement?


Same thing here. Would love To see portuguese.

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Second that. Norwegian would be great. I can even do the translation.

need norwegian date and week names as well :slight_smile:

This would be great! I’m sure the team could get great help from the community in the different countries.

Same here for french ! For now we have to use another CMS with webflow export.