Multi-vendor marketplace with Webflow

Hi all.

I am reaching out to seek your guidance and expertise regarding the construction of a multi-vendor website using Webflow. Unfortunately, I am facing some challenges in understanding the process, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance in providing some guidelines and recommendations.

I am building a bookstore where multiple users or publishers can sell their books, and I want to use Swell as the inventory management system. I cannot understand how to give power to each users can manage their own inventory and get paid when buyer purchase their product.

  1. Firstly, is it possible to build multi-vendor marketplace with Webflow?
  2. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for such platforms, it would be immensely helpful in enabling me to proceed with confidence.
  3. I am particularly interested in exploring options other than Swell especially for the inventory management system, and I believe your expertise and insights would be invaluable in this regard. I would like to hear about the experience.

Thank you so much.

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Welcome @JamieK :wave:

This person does a lot of videos and tutorials on specifically this topic which will probably be helpful No-Code Tutorials |

If you’re looking to develop an online marketplace using Webflow, I encourage you to check out the comprehensive insights and guidance provided in the article titled “Build a Marketplace with Webflow” by Gapsy Studio. This resource offers detailed instructions and valuable tips for creating a functional and visually appealing web marketplace using Webflow’s features