Multi Step Form That Shows Results Live


Is there a way to create a multi step form that uses Webflow interactions (or perhaps animated GIFs) to show the “results” of what is selected live? Here is what I mean:

For example, say a form asks you your age, gender, activity level etc. and then shows the right amount of vitamins and minerals as an animated bar chart. Is something like that possible in Webflow or with a plugin?

I saw this but that’s lacking the animated bar chart part.


I don’t think you can trigger an interaction from form inputs, so I say it is definitely possible, but would have to be done using custom code.

@samliew That makes sense. Does Webflow offer the ability to show a next “step” in a form? this way each anmated GIF could simply be included as an image for each step/slide of the form. Wouldn’t that be possible?

Would also need custom code. You can put a tab component in a form, and have a button switch to next tab using JS

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I have a tutorial in the Tips & Tricks category that shows you how to have next/previous buttons for the Tab component.

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