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Multi-Level CMS Nav

I’ve tried a few different ideas to no avail, but I need to create a menu with sub-menu items which may or may not need sub-sub-menu items, if that makes sense. Three levels.

For example:

Main Menu Item > Sub-Menu 1 Item > Sub-Menu 2 Item

The Sub-Menu Item 2 may not be required and if it isn’t possible, I can certainly make due.

In my example, I have the menus set up so I’m not too worried about the design side of it. I’m worried about the CMS side and how to call the Sub-Menu 1 Item.

I’ve tried creating a Menu Items collection that included Sub-Menu Items mixed with the Main Menu Items and then added conditionals but that didn’t work. I tried a Sub-Menu Items collection (in addition to a Main Menu Items collection) with references.

Still nothing. I’m at a loss. Is this even possible? I feel so close.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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For anybody who finds this randomly in a Google search or something, I’m not sure it can be done.

A workaround might be to manually create the dropdowns until you get to the lowest level in each dropdown, and then the Collection Lists correspond with the parent level.


Main Menu (manual) > Sub-Menu 1 Item (manual) > Sub-Menu 2 Item (collection) > Collection Page template

USA (manual) > State (manual) > County (collection) > City/Town

Kinda sucks that the first two parents aren’t in the CMS, but this should work for what I need.

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