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Need help with a filtering sub menu that controls a collection list

Dear Webflow experts,

I’m trying to build a submenu that filters the CMS results below it.

I’d love to do this without building out separate results pages for each sub menu item and I’m stuck trying to figure out if this type of structure can be achieved.

Right now if you click “health” you’ll see a drop down menu (it’s not linked to anything) of 6 items. There will be 2 other menus right beside it that each contain 6 items for a total of 18 clickable items.

I’ve seen how tabs can be used to filter content within a tab container structure. I’ve also seen how finsweet can be used to filter a big list of items. But since that page has 4 rows of collection items that preview the top 3 posts in that collection I don’t know how to tie a sub menu item to a full collection list.

Is there a way to use that drop down menu to swap the current page contents that exist below it for another CMS collection that only shows content tied to the item you clicked on?

Maybe there’s a hide / show function I can play with? I’m not sure… but I really hope I don’t have to create 18 separate pages for the results.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - LEON 2021 (DO NOT DELETE)