Multi-layer CMS Dropdown Menu with Details

Hello, I’m pretty new to Webflow and a novice web designer at best, so I realize I’m probably in a little over my head here. I’ve been trying to figure out how to build a multi-tiered dropdown menu that feeds from a CMS collection and on the bottom level, expands to show a snapshot of information about a product or application.

The site will be for a manufacturing company. We want to have a dropdown in the main navbar for Applications. That dropdown would expand into Categories and then each Category would expand with the applications relevant to each. That part has been simple enough… but we’d also like to be able to hover over each application and have a box appear with brief details about the specific application, like a featured image and a short paragraph with a button to continue reading/actually go to the application’s page. We’d also like that box to contain a generated case study or a list of products related to the application. Here’s a photo of what that would ideally look like:

Here’s the link to the read-only site: Webflow - TEST SITE

It’s a bit of a mess currently, sorry! The Applications part of the menu is functional-ish. I just can’t seem to get things to align properly and we’d prefer to have the whole menu function on hover interactions instead of clicking to open. But I’m not sure if that’s even possible or exactly user-friendly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!