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Trying to recreate a multi-layered Dropdown menu

Hey guys,
I am currently trying to recreate this dropdown-menu:
Specifically the one if you click on “what we offer”.

I set up a very (extremely very very much very :smiley: ) basic structure for the menu (see my share link) with the help of @PixelGeek’s Dropdown Tutorial. No interactions added yet and not styled at all. I just want to understand how to build such a menu or if it is even possible with Webflow.
Also: would it be possible to call the pictures from the CMS so it dynamically changes whenever a new tour is added?

This would be huge.

Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Totally possible in Webflow.

Are you interested in the way the sample dropdown is opening/closing, or the layout of the contents within the dropdown?

The dropdown in the sample operates more like a hide/show interaction than regular drop down.

The contents inside of the dropdown will require that you put a dropdown component in the page. Right now, it looks like you’ve only added a basic link block. See screen grab for dropdown component.

Once you have a dropdown component in there, you’ll open it up and apply a fixed pixel width to the internal element called “Dropdown List”. On the sample page you sent, they’ve set the width to 1000px. From there, you’ll design away inside of the dropdown list!

Thanks for the quick answer! :slight_smile:
So from there I could also embed CMS-stuff (like tours)? I tried to get that to work but couldn’t figure out how to do so