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Help with Navbar and Symbols

I’m designing a site thats has 2 languages. I have created a menu and made it a symbol so its in all the pages. I am now adding links to specific pages to the menu items in the Navbar but I’m worried that the links will point to the wrong pages when viewing the site in the second language.
Do I need to have one Navbar/symbol for one language and another for the other language?
Hope this makes sense…
Thank you!

Yes, you should probably have two different navbars, if they’re going to different links (if you still want to keep your menu as a symbol). By making the menu a symbol, you’re locking it and everything underneath it in the structure, so you won’t be able to change the links within the menu without changing them across all pages. Creating separate navbars for each language could solve that.

Thank you… I’ll try the separate navbars and see how that works out!

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