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Create mutli-language website

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to build a 4 languages website. Unfortunately, I just found out how tough it is to manage doing that on Webflow. Still, I believe that if manage to create the 4 static homepages (with the main one set on English on the and the other languages on,, etc. ), then I could eventually find a solution in adapting the CMS to the various languages.

The biggest issue that I’m having at the moment concerns the top Navigation and the Footer

For instance, if my english language home were and my spanish one, how could I set Navigation and Footer to be in spanish here ( without it turning to spanish also on the english home (

I hope that you can help me… it’s urgent!
Thank you all in advance for your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I believe the only way to achieve what you’re looking (quickly) is to have different versions/symbols for each language.

That’s I would do if I were in an urgent timeline.

Hello Dre!

Thx for your reply!
Yes, i’ve tried that but I could not manage to duplicate the Nav and save it with another name…

Would you happen to know exactly how to do that…?

When you bring a symbol into a page, right click it and select ‘Detach From Symbol’. After that you can save it as a new symbol.

And I can do that even with the Navigation symbol (where the Nav Bar is)…?

Yeah, you can do that with any symbol. But once you save it as a new symbol, it’ll be unique so you’ll have to apply changes to the other language nav individually.

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Thank you so much for your help DesignByDre!!!

I’ve solved that issue! I still have a small problem with my top horizontal menu, as contents overlap as you reduce browser width… feel free to give me your advice on that please!

I’ve also posted something here ( Non-clickable CMS Collection List items ) concerning non-clickable CMS Collection List items. There too, you’re welcome to help :wink:

Hope i’ll read you soon. Have a great day!

PS: here a link to my website: