Multi Images CMS driven slider with thumbnail pager using cycle2js

Hello Everyone,

So I read many blogs, posts and forum regarding this.
I am simply trying make a dynamic gallery that does not use LIGHTBOX.

similar to this website products page

After bit of research i came across cycle2js thumbnail pager slider and i even managed reference the multi image field but i am failing to load the thumbnail images in pager template. I followed step by step the a tutorial

but when it comes to referencing src of multi-images url is somewhat not the same as the tutorial.

this line does not get me the image source of other images in multi-image field:

Name: data-cycle-pager-template
Value: < a href=’#’>< img src=’{{children.0.src}}’ width=100 height=75 < /

and i tried many variations, nothing is working. However when i click on the broken image thumbnails it still loads the right images just the thumbnail images wont show up in pager template.

Any advise is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi Uyangaa, did you ever get this to work? I am looking at doing the same thing in a current project.