Multi image fields not showing up on Template page

Hey everyone,

I’m having a really weird issue with my CMS page. I’m just building out a simple portfolio for my personal work and want to have different multi-image fields on a template page to give me the most flexibility in how I would like to build my cases. However, only 1 multi image field shows up on the template page itself… even though in the backend multiple multi image fields are added. Is there a limit of multi image fields on a CMS page or something? Is this just a weird bug? Anyway, would love your help!

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Portfolio site)

Here’s a link to the page. Floris van Driel | WeTransfer | A new identity for WeTransfer that is always on the move | Amsterdam based Visual Design & Art Direction by Floris van Driel

It seems to be working for me. If it still doesn’t look like its working for you, try turning off all of your browser extensions if you have any installed.