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Moving interfaces animation


I’m still learning the new animation type and I came across something that I’m trying to reproduce in webflow :slight_smile:
I wanna do this first animation where the interface move when you go into the section and move again when you get out of the section :

I struggle to do it and to apply the interaction to different objects.
Also I don’t know how to put the web interface behind the other two.

Here is my project :

Anyone know how that could work ?

EDIT : link the example :

Hello @Design1214

The best part of the Webflow journey is when you get to learn how to do things! :slight_smile: If you can share an example of what you’re trying to achieve would be very helpful.

My bad I tought i already put in the link :slight_smile:
Here it is :

I also edited the post !

I have been playing with parallax effect but I can’t seem to get it right.

You can achieve this using following this tutorial:

And you can do this part following this one:

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Yeah I saw the video but I can’t really get it as smooth as the one on the example I sent you.
Mine looks very clunky and not looking so good :confused:

I made a little video of how you can achieve it:

It’s just a matter of keep playing with the different options you have :wink:

Hope that helps


Thanks for the video, it helped me understand much better :slight_smile:
I’ve been playing with the different options and the smoothing and it start looking the way I want it to be ! Thanks a lot for the help !

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