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Moving from LetsHost to Webflow but @ is a forbidden character

I have a site with 19 Zone Records on LetsHost that I’m trying to move over to Webflow. It does not have any A records with an @ but when I try to add them, it says I can’t use the “@” character… Any suggestions?

UPDATE: I found that @ can be replaced by the full domain name. Which I suppose means I just need to change the record to match the one provided by Webflow. But what then do I do with the second @ A Record provided by Webflow?

Had a similar situation with one of my client’s hosting server too. By default, for Domain Managers that say @ is not allowed, they tend to point to the domain by default.

This is how I got mine to work:

The first one would be blank followed by your IP Address from Webflow. For the second entry, use * indicating a wild card followed by the second IP Address from Webflow. Then give it 10 minutes and check your status on

Hope this helps