Pointing SiteGround DNS to Webflow (sub-domain)?

I created a sub-domain in SiteGround (book.mywebsite.com) and want to point it to my Webflow project. Webflow is telling me to add the following DNS records:

CNAME – book – proxy-ssl.webflow.com
TXT – @ – proxy-ssl.webflow.com

However, SiteGround doesn’t allow “@” to be used as a name for a TXT record. What should I do?

Help please :slight_smile: I’m desperate!

Hey @stjoad

Try leaving the name blank instead. The @ symbol indicates the record should be on your root domain. Different domain providers indicate it in different ways, some blank, some with @ or other methods.

Also you shouldn’t need the TXT record to set things up. That is just one of the verification methods for SSL, but you should be good with just the CNAME.

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