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Hostgator Custom Domain / DNS Setup Help

Hi, I am hoping someone has specific experience setting up a custom domain in Hostgator as I cant add the A and Cname records as instructed.

Using their Simple Zone editor:

‘@’ is not a valid Zone Name
‘www’ - it adds the full domain and says it is in use.

Using their ‘Advanced Zone editor’
Add ‘A’ with name ‘@’ = ‘A Zone name must be a domain name, and include a period at the end’

Any Help appreciated!



Could you provide a screenshot of the error you are experiencing?

Hi, Thanks JSW, but I have just managed to resolve this after speaking to customer support. For anyone else with this issue, replace ‘@’ with the domain name so that your ‘A’ records are : Name = Domain, Type = ‘A’, Record/Value = IP as listed by your webflow settings.

Also use their advanced DNS tool, not the simple version…

What did you do for the second suggested @ A Record?