MS Word to Webflow, keeping H's and para. styles as classes?

Hi !

I’m totally new to Webflow and trying to figure out until what extent it could be useful for the type of
projects I’m mostly doing now: static microsites that are the HTML “online” version of PDF/Print publications, with loads of text –often hundred pages or more.

The original manuscripts are usually in .doc format, with all the H’s structure already in place, and with paragraph and character styles applied. Alternatively, the content could also be already in HTML, with sections, blockquotes, footnotes, classes, id’s, etc.

Could I import the Word manuscript into the Webflow editor preserving its structure and classes?


Could i import HTML content that is maybe several hundred lines long?
In that case, if the imported code has, for instance, sections or tables, with classes… Would those appear in Webflow as such, in their separate sections or containers?

Any suggestions and hints will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


If you are talking about copy/paste then you will run into issues. Try it on a page to see what I mean. I normally paste word content into a text editor and then copy and paste into a Webflow rich text element or field.

Webflow supports importing basic HTML to the CMS via a rich-text field mapped to a collection. Unsupported elements won’t be editable so you need to keep it simple. Again, you need to work with it to understand its limitations.