Move Z axis not working

Hello everyone im new to webflow and im following the 2021 portfolio course. Im now in the password page and no matter how many time I follow the tutorials its not working in my webflow.

The problem is in the 2D & 3D transforms the MOVE in Z axis is not working as expected but the Y and X axis is working.

I dont know what is the problem, please help me.
Thank you so much.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

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Hey, I also had the same problem, but I realized that they were actually behind each other already you can check this by rotating the grid to the y-axis to see. Also, I had set opacity on the grid class which makes it all disappear (idy), even a 98% opacity. And I had forgotten to scale the spacing in between the div blocks, I hope this helps

Thank you for your reply, but I cant replicate what you don in the picture. I select password cell the select the scale and change the z index to 6 and nothing happened. Its really frustrating.

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I know right it is frustrating. Well, why don’t you clone it? There is a possibility of downloading the clone for any tutorial project. I do this when I am stuck, I download the complete clone, to see what I missed or what went wrong.
There is a button under every course for cloning. Don’t give up :muscle:t3:


I think this part of the lesson needs to be redone because I came across the same issue and only fixed it by deviating wildly from the lesson, then experimenting on my own and discovering a plethora of discrepancies.

Tl;dr of my testing notes and results below: Seems like the live preview function within the editor is broken for most screens, or at the very least not operating as it was in the video.

Here’s how I came to that conclusion:
Setting children perspective for Utility Page Wrap to 1000 did nothing visually, I instead set Children Perspective to 1000 for the Password Interaction grid. This, combined with setting the scale for the Password Cell to scale {1, 1, 2} created a visual match to what was shown in the video.
I later found out that the Utility Page wrap at 1000 was in fact correct, but did not display the changes visually as it did in the video (it looks flat, no 3D effect visible, so it feels like the changes you are making aren’t doing anything) unless you either rotate the grid any degree away from {0,0,0}, or begin setting up the interactions (even then, it switches back and forth between 2D and the proper 3D image at random steps, upon more testing it seems to only display during areas where Live Preview is actively turned on… very strange).

Additionally: even when I clone the project as suggested by Rachel, the entire Password Interaction (the rainbow grid) is completely invisible until I click the Preview icon on the top of the page.
This seems to be because one of the last steps was to create a top layer that matches the rest of the pages’ background color, which means that when it is only displaying it in 2D the way it is, it won’t be visible.

Seems like there are a number of bugs/issues/outdated information here that should be checked on.

I had the same issue but, could solve it by doing exactly as the tutorial except adding scale 1,1,1 to password interaction… That was pretty much it n worked perfectly fine for me…