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Move Z axis not working

Hello everyone im new to webflow and im following the 2021 portfolio course. Im now in the password page and no matter how many time I follow the tutorials its not working in my webflow.

The problem is in the 2D & 3D transforms the MOVE in Z axis is not working as expected but the Y and X axis is working.

I dont know what is the problem, please help me.
Thank you so much.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

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Hey, I also had the same problem, but I realized that they were actually behind each other already you can check this by rotating the grid to the y-axis to see. Also, I had set opacity on the grid class which makes it all disappear (idy), even a 98% opacity. And I had forgotten to scale the spacing in between the div blocks, I hope this helps

Thank you for your reply, but I cant replicate what you don in the picture. I select password cell the select the scale and change the z index to 6 and nothing happened. Its really frustrating.

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I know right it is frustrating. Well, why don’t you clone it? There is a possibility of downloading the clone for any tutorial project. I do this when I am stuck, I download the complete clone, to see what I missed or what went wrong.
There is a button under every course for cloning. Don’t give up :muscle:t3: