Need Help with Webflow Tutorial -- 3D parallax password page

I am really stuck on this one. I won’t say how man hours I spent on this.

at 9.:30 in the video you can see a block, there are six other blocks behind it with different colors. In the video he uses a transform to move the blocks on the Z axis. You can see at 9:30.

He set a children perspective of 1000px to “Utility Page Wrap” so the boxes can be moved on the Z axis but when I do this nothing happens.

Sorry if this is complicated it is much easier if you watch the video. If I add a children perspective to “Project Cell” they will move on the Z axis but the effect is all wrong.

The page is called Password and is inside Utility pages. I would really appreciate some help.

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Note on Z-Axis issue: We are aware of this and have provided a workaround while we create a fix for it. Please refer to this video for more information:

Awesome. Thanks! You rock!

It might be good Idea to let people know beforehand. I spent hours trying to get this to work.

Thanks again!

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