Children perspective 3D effect not working

I was working through the Design Portfolio Course when I got stuck on the 3D password grid.

I followed the video step by step, but I couldn’t go beyond the camera effect and moving the “password cell color” divs along the Z axis. No matter what value I entered, the div blocks did not change along the Z axis. I’m not sure where I went wrong because I restarted and still got stuck at the same position.

Could someone please put me in the proper path or explain what I’m doing wrong? I truly want to understand how the effect was created and be able to replicate it properly.


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Make sure your Chrome is up to date. I went into the settings and did whatever update was pending, after closing out and reopening it, it finally worked. Hope this helps, I had been stuck on this for two days!

Hoping this helps anyone else who finds this thread, but the Webflow team provided a link to a video in the YouTube comments with a solution: Screen Recording 2022-01-07…

Wow, I can’t believe this issue is still happening half a year later…

Thanks Bren. This was a lifesaver.