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Interaction not working


I’ve got a strange problem, that I can’t seem to figure out and was wondering if someone could help me…

When you click the ‘Start your project’ button, a div should ease in from the right side. I’ve done this with an interaction on the button, and on the preview of the interaction it works perfectly, but it won’t do it once clicked.

Any advice would be much appreciated =)


Weirdest thing ever. I believe your project file is somehow corrupted.

I recreated the interaction, and what it’s actually doing (no matter what you do to the settings) is moving that element about 400 pixels to the RIGHT. I put it right in the middle of the screen and created a whole new interaction that would only move it 10 pixels to the left, but in action it still moves the element 400 pixels to the right.

Further, the “close” interaction does nothing whatsoever.

If I edit the “close” interaction somehow, I can get the “open” interaction to work, but the “close” interaction then does nothing.

I had a look around and it is indeed very odd why the interaction is showing properly when you “Preview” it within the interaction menu, but not when you try and preview it within the editor.

Anyone else able to get it to work?

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